The theme of our Extravagant Generosity Campaign for 2018 is “How Do We Measure a Life?” According to the Bible, the best measures of a life are: Who and What We Serve, Who and How We Love, and How and What We Give. During our worship in October we learned some strategies to grow in life’s most important areas and ways to measure that growth. Our first step is to find ways and places to be engaged in service through First Church: Who and What We Serve. If you haven’t participated in our annual WorKship Sunday, please sign up this year. If you have participated in the past, invite friends to join you that day. Watch for mission opportunities throughout the year in our newsletters and our worship bulletins, and become involved in one or more. Help us as we move toward a goal of every member in ministry. Please add at least one additional service activity to your schedule in the upcoming year. The second step will be to grow in giving: How and What We Give. For some this growth might be as simple as making a pledge. Or it might mean increasing your giving to First United Methodist Church. The third measure of life is simply, Who and What We Love. We show our love for God by keeping God first in our lives. Worship is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our devotion to God, to focus on God’s love and to draw near in faith. Make a commitment to be in worship more often in 2018. If you are not engaged in a Bible study we have six choices on Sunday morning. One is likely to be to your liking. Begin a devotional prayer time each day. Some growth happens naturally, but other growth takes effort and commitment.