Dear Friends,

April was a month full of activities at First Church. Easter fell on the first day of April and it was a wonderful day. I often comment on how beautiful the day is–the weather is always a delight, the music is awe-inspiring, and many people are wearing something new for Easter. We also had some new flowers. Barbara Zippel arranged for us to get begonias for the sanctuary as the lilies bloomed late this year; they were a wonderful addition.

As I mentioned, the music was fantastic. Joshua Elder, our music minister, put together two wonderful services. The 11 a.m. service featured nine musicians accompanying our chancel choir. In addition, Cathy Rice helped us celebrate with a ‘Taste of Easter’ between services. We had deviled eggs, cupcakes – compliments of Stevi Shearer – and other snacks. Thanks to Stephanie Wallace for her help on this. At the same time, our children were enjoying an Easter egg hunt and a chance to take family photos. A special thanks to Jen Heffington for her great work on this.
The next Sunday the Grand Canyon University Chorale brought special music to both services. They were an uplifting treat. Later that same day our church hosted a concert by the Phoenix Orpheus Choir. It was indeed a feast day for our music lovers.

Jen Heffington and Tanya Pinkerton also put together a movie night for the church. Our Junior High youth sold popcorn, drinks, and pizza. Our Staff Parish Relations Committee has been looking for ways to offer fellowship activities that all ages might be attracted to and this was our kick-off event. Look for more in the future.

Robin Spencer, our parish nurse, had a great idea to collect unused and outdated medications and render them harmless. We invited members to bring these meds to church on Sunday Morning, April 8. To say we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome would be an understatement. We collected over 14,000 pills, patches, and similar meds. This way of disposing of the medicine assures they don’t enter the water system nor find their way into the hands of others. Robin also arranged for a bake sale to offset some of the expense of the fall women’s retreat.

Our Junior High Youth once again hosted a Flapjack Fundraiser at our neighboring Applebee’s, to raise money for their summer mission trip to San Diego. I am always impressed by the way our youth handle themselves in these various settings. Rachel Amorin, our Junior High youth Leader, has been giving good leadership to these activities.

A special thanks to all of these leaders and participants!

Mike Pearson