Dear Friends,

Let me begin by offering a sincere word of thanks for the shared ministry we have had during the past six years. You have been a wonderful church home for my sister, Kathy; my wife, Bethyl; and me. We will miss you dearly. As a United Methodist minister, I am part of a group of clergy (in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference) who are bound to support each other. Part of that support includes not returning to a church that one has previously served in order to officiate at funerals or weddings. Those of you who have a history with our denomination already know this. To others, this may sound harsh, but in my six years as a Superintendent, I came to see the wisdom in this policy. Your new pastor needs to be the one you look to for pastoral care. We have enjoyed wonderful relationships. It is now time to allow those relationships to grow with the new pastor. Let me offer a couple of important suggestions regarding your new pastor. First, please include your pastor in your prayers, and second, to help your pastor get to know you, please wear your name badges every Sunday!

Mike Pearson