All Saints Sunday is a wonderful time to remember all who’ve gone before us in faith. Their lives are a witness to God’s grace and its power to change the world. Many of us learned the faith at the feet of these saints. They were our parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, and others in the church who were an example of Christian living and had an effect on us that may not have been recognized by us until years later. Saints then!

Sunday, October 28, was Laity Commitment Sunday. We were privileged to have more than twenty people share their experiences in the ministry and mission at First Church. We were impressed with the effort these servants put forward to serve the church and the world and are inspired by the joy they find in serving Christ. Saints now!

“Saints” has the New Testament meaning of all Christian people of every time and place. Let us remember that each of us is a saint, and let us have the resolve to be one- for the sake of Christ’s Church in the world. Saints forever!!

In Christ, Denny