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    Dear Family and Friends,

    You’ve been asking questions about our mask policy. Questions and concerns are prompted by:

    – new CDC guidelines that recommend “fully vaccinated people wear a mask in public indoor settings…”
    – the fact that the Delta variant is particularly potent and even the vaccinated may be susceptible and capable of transmission.
    – increased number of cases and hospitalizations across the country and in Maricopa County.

    Our COVID Response Team has met and discussed the issues faced by us in this particularly challenging time.

    In an effort to avoid further restrictions and/or (heaven forbid) another shutdown:

    – We strongly encourage all adults to wear masks in worship and other indoor activities at the church. Please remember that children, not yet eligible for vaccination, are often in attendance and we want to protect them.
    – We will require all staff and volunteers working with children and youth to wear masks during indoor activities.
    – Parents will decide whether their children/youth wear masks for church activities.
    – We continue to support social distancing in all church activities.
    – We strongly encourage all who are eligible to get vaccinated.

    We know that our patience has been tested many times over the last year but I am confident that we will not let our frustrations get the best of us but rather continue to be patient and grace-filled with each other. Your COVID Response Team is as frustrated as you may be, but we are not trying to create unnecessary obstacles, but instead find pathways that protect each other and our ministries.

    Trusting God’s grace and providence,

    Pastor Denny Silk, for the COVID Response Team

  • Online Giving

    Are you looking for an easy way to make contributions to First Church? Do you want a simple and secure way to make your gifts? There are a few ways you can get started.

    Visit our website and click on the “Give Online” link at the bottom of the home page. You can set up a recurring frequency or give when you want to just by making a “one time gift”.

    You may also give electronically using your bank’s “bill pay” service.  Many banks offer this service as a feature with checking accounts.

    *All of these methods of giving electronically are safe and secure.