This is the time of year that we build a stewardship plan for the next year, 2022. Our emphasis this year will be on the stewardship story that has carried First Church through the past, into the present, and creates our future. We know that the past, present, and future are connected and what we do now is in gratitude for past faithful stewards and informs who we are now and who we want to become – faithful in discipleship serving our community and the world.

In our church, our forebears have left us a valuable and dynamic inheritance. In the present we will, by our faithful stewardship, sustain and safeguard that which they have given us and create a vision that grows an ever more vibrant discipleship worthy of their legacy and to be celebrated in the present by this congregation.










In joyful support of the ministries and property of our church, I/we make the following estimate of gifts to the Operating Budget for 2022.