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August 6: First day of School

September 3: Labor Day

October 4: Open House Rooms Open at 6

September 26-27: School Pictures

October 22-23: Preschool Parent Conferences

October 29: School Fall Fesetival

October 28: Church Fall Festival

November 12: Veteran’s Day

November 19-20: Thanksgiving Class Taste Testing

November 21-23: Thanksgiving Break

December 4: Christmas Dinner – Asbury Hall at 6:30p.m.

December 24-January 4: Christmas Break

January 7: School Resumes

January 21: Martin Luther King Day

January 22-25: Pajama Days

February 1: Vehicle Day

February 18: President’s Day

March 8: Spring Fling from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

February 28-March 1: Working Ranch

March 18-20: Two’s Parent Conferences

March 21-22: Pre-School Conferences

March 25-April 5: Registration for Summer and Fall

April 3: Infant/Toddler and Two’s class pictures

April 19-22: Easter Break

April 26: Ice Cream Social/Art Show

May 24: Last Day of School

May 27: Memorial Day

May 28: Staff Transition Break

May 29: Summer School Starts

July 4-5: Independence Day

July 19: Summer session ends

July 22-August 2: School closed for refurbishing and teacher home visits

August 5: First day of school

September 2: School closed for Labor Day holiday

September 25-26: Preschool photos

October 3: Open House

October 14: School closed for Columbus Day holiday

October 21-22: Preschool parent/teacher conferences

October 27: Church Trunk or Treat Festival

October 30: School Fall Festival

November 11: School closed for Veteran’s Day holiday

November 25-26: Preschool taste testing parties

November 27-29: School closed for Thanksgiving holiday

December 10: Christmas Dinner

December 20: Last day of school before Winter Break

December 23-January 3: School closed for Winter Break

January 6: School resumes

January 20: School closed for Martin Luther King holiday

January 21-24: Pajama Days

February 7: Vehicle Day

February 17: School closed for President’s Day holiday

February 27-28: Western Days

March 16-18: Two’s parent/teacher conferences

March 19-20: Preschool parent/teacher conferences

March 23-April 3: All School Registration

April 8: Infant/Toddler/Two photos

April 10: School closed for Good Friday

April 13: School closed for Easter Monday

April 24: Ice Cream Social

May 22: Last day of school

May 25: School closed for Memorial Day holiday

May 26: School closed for teacher in-service

May 27: First day of Summer Session

July 3: School closed for July 4 holiday

July 24: Last day of Summer Session

July 27-August 7: School closed for teacher in-service

August 10: First day of school